Source: United States Department of Labor

Attention all:

 If you have never visited the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) website, it has a lot of useful information that we can use at  The US DOL website is a great starting point to get information what is happening with employment and unemployment in the country.  The website has a verity of other information other than unemployment rates.  The US DOL website offers current DOL news and even has a blog that we can read.  The site has a popular topics area, affiliated agencies area, such as OSHA, MSHA and other agencies that you can quickly access from the site. The site also has other areas of interest that we can access.  One of my favorite areas of the site is the safety and health area.  There you have quick links to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) this is a great place to find injury and fatality statistics for your research for presentation of to use in meeting.  So I would recommend that if you have never used the US DOL as a recourse, that you may want to start.  You can use the link attached to visit and see for yourself, just what the US DOL website has to offer.

US DOL Homepage.