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The ESNT Professional Instructors list of Do’s and Don’ts While Conducting Training

Professional Instructors Must Do the Following:

  1. Arrive on time to the training center or office.
  2. Instructors must start one hour as a minimum before the start of their training session.
  3. Instructors must ensure that all equipment and programs such as computers, projectors, remotes, videos and sound systems are in working condition before the start of any training session. See attached pdf.

Ginny Wheel Training

Scaffold Ginny Wheel 01

The 5 core elements of ADDIE for Instructional Design: Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation.


The use of ADDIE core elements: analyze, design, development, implement and evaluation by learning and development managers helps to ensure that training courses developed me the needs of your employees.  

The Neil Fleming VARK Model of Learner Types.

Neil F

Training managers and trainers use of the VARK model helps their students to learn the outcomes of any safety training course. By understanding their students individual learner types, training can be modified to meet the visual, auditory, read-write and kinesthetic learning styles of students. Different approaches can be built into presentations to address learner styles. Trainers can use different training techniques during training to assist in the learning of students.

The Honey & Mumford 4 Learner Styles.


Training courses must be designed with learner styles in mind when building training courses. Trainers must different approaches for the 4 learners styles. 

Practical Hands-on Safety Harness Training. This style of training is a prime example of kinesthetic (hands-on / doing) training.


Escape mask training for all employees working live oil and gas productions areas.
























































































































































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